My name is Malin. But you obviously already know that. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. Welcome!  

Lets start with the important stuff: I want to be one of those who make communication that lift people. Make the ones who need to wake the fuck up. See beyond them selves. I want to be a change in the world. I want to be creative and smart everyday. I want a lot of things, the power of willpower is what makes me different. I naively believe in it. 


This is less important: I am sorry mom and dad for always questioning you, for always try to think the other way around and for trying to invent the wheel, like, every day. But that is what got me in this mess called communication and it is my best mess ever made.


No one will ever click here, but I'll put it there anyway.

Just in case: Want to grab a coffee or have a talk? You´ll find my contacts right here. Or klick down there 👇🏼 to see my work. Enjoy! 



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