After two years at Berghs school of communication I got a bit lost. School of the year. The students are hyped to be the best, stay cool and be as hipp as they can. I started thinking that this world that I am about to step into was all about winning prices, prestige, coolness and all that jazz. 

But then I had a meeting with a very interesting person who reminded me of why I started this operation. It is not about being hipp, not trendy clothes and somewhat cool food that makes you healthy and wealthy. It is about passion. My passion. The little compass inside me that tells me to never stop writing, never stop communicate, never stop being curious about people. Not because I should, but because I want to. The power of willpower, you know. That Is why I will never stop. That is loving what you do. Which is my only promise. I will always love doing what I do - be creative, smart and put it in words. 

Then again, a nomination or a price on the shelf looks good. Like, really good. But it is not the purpose of me being here.

Want to grab a coffee or have a talk? You´ll find my contacts right here. Or klick down there 👇🏼 to see my work. Enjoy! 



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